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I was thinking of ending this site.

I’m bold enough to admit that I have been a bit monomaniacal with coding and writing over the past couple of months, to the detriment of myself.

So I’ve been taking it easier than I usually would with my extracurricular jaunts, and taking time to reflect on why I write and maintain this site in the first place. 

I honestly didn’t have a plan for the website when I started it.

I just made it because I wanted to build something, anything. 

I didn’t even particularly enjoy writing at the point I started (and if you read my first blog, I wasn’t good at it either). And because of this lack of direction, I eschewed the “niche” blog modus operandi that a lot of bloggers go for in search of monthly traffic and monetisation (this makes me sound like I don’t want those things, I definitely do so if you have some laying down the back of the couch, gimme), but instead focused on, well whatever I wanted to write about. Invariably that was tech, sometimes it was personal progress, I even got drunk once and wrote an open letter to the creator of the TV show Robot Wars, which has stayed firmly in the drafts section of my Google Drive. 

This lack of direct mission ("build something" is hardly a thought let alone a driving motivation) has meant that when it comes to my reflection on why I write I had to dig a little bit deeper than usual to come up with the answer, and what I have landed on is there are two main reasons I write.

The first is that I genuinely love and am invigorated by technology.

I have well and truly found the niche I want to explore forever, and writing is a really powerful way for me to be able to do that. I find that I learn and explore a new topic in a more expansive way when I have a blog planned for it, and breaking it down into reportable chunks enables me to understand the concepts behind the technology much more easily.

Since my overly patient girlfriend is sick to death of 22,768 fun technology facts being hurled at her at random during the day or when she's trying to sleep/swore she was alone in the flat, my outlet for a lot of the new things I learn and want to share is this website, be it by writing about it or using it to enhance the site itself. Speaking of site improvements, check out the dark mode I implemented by clicking the little moon icon in the navigation bar (on the bottom on mobile, on the left on desktop)!

The second is that I enjoy making people laugh and/or bringing something new from the tech world to their attention that they may have not found otherwise in a easily digestible, casual way. A lot of tech blogs revel in their superiority and fancy technical terms, and the beauty of my blog is that, because I have the IQ of a wild badger drunk on fermented apples, I don't write that way, instead going for a more of a wild, ranting, semi-incomphrensible drawl that is definitely a writing style and not because I didn't pay attention in English GCSE.

Anyways, that's enough of me torturing you with my existential crisis, I'll let you get on with your work. I have a few blogs lined up that I am really excited about as well as a brand new project that I think is going to knock your socks off so keep your eyes peeled, and have a genuinely fantastic rest of your day!

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